Quick Facts

Date: Sept 30th, 2017

Volunteers Arrive: 1:30 pm

Teams Arrive: 2:30 pm

Team Check-In: 2:30-3:30 pm

Announcements and Venue Updates: 3:30-3:45 pm

Game Start: 4:00 pm

Quest: game Time 4:00pm to 8:00pm

Awards Ceremony & Judging 8:00 pm

Volunteer/Team After Party After Awards Ceremony at The Finish Line ( Italian Dinner, DJ and Cash Bar).

Location: Italian Club, Ybor City

Q.How many teams?

A. There will be a limit of 50 teams. Each team will be composed of 2-6 members. All participants must be 21 years old or older. Each team will have a team name and be easily identifiable as a group (costumes, same shirts, etc.).

Q. How much is the entry fee?

A. The Entry fee is $50.00 per person, 2-6 per team till 9/1 (midnight) and $65 from then on till game start.

Q. I don't have a team, how can I still play?

A. If you can't form a team...that's okay. We can find you a fun team to join. We have many couples and singles who do not have a team but want to play. Register and make note on the form you need to be assigned to a team. Go ahead and register yourself as a solo team and we will hook you up with another team!

Q. How does my Team Win?

A. All challenges will be awarded points. The team with the highest number of points wins.

Q. Prize money? Did you say prize money?

A. Well yes, technically we can’t offer “prize money” due to the non-profit status of the event. But, what we are offering to the winners of the Quest for Hope is the opportunity to defend your title as Tampa’s Greatest Scavenger Team.

In addition we also offer some interesting prizes and awards along the way for those competing.

Q. What??

A. Logistics: At least one member of each team must perform a challenge. Each team must use strategy to determine who will take on each challenge, not knowing what challenges lie ahead.

All teams will start at the Italian Club, Ybor City our mobile application. Using a smart phone and the app, challenges will not be revealed until application senses you are near the venue via GPS coordinates.

Teams will arrive at a challenge, where they will find the challenges to play. As they finish a challenge, local judges will verify completion, identify team member who completed the challenge and provide the team with an unlock code to receive the points reward.

Q. What type of challenges?

A. This is a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt with a twist! Unusual challenges to tempt the taste buds, make your mouth water, and team photos to take that will exercise your brain and your funny bone. Your tasks may involve strange foods, tasty beverages, lyrics for old songs, dance steps, test of your athletic abilities (how good are you with a hockey stick), strangers, interactions with inanimate objects, and more. All in the name of fun and fundraising.

Q. Who gets the Money raised?

A. The proceeds will benefit the 1Voice Foundation. These funds will be specifically used for children and families affected by cancer and chronic blood disorders to embark on conservation activities in association with The Florida Aquarium.

The Krewe of the Nautilus in partnership with The 1Voice Foundation and The Florida Aquarium, developed an aquarium program, through which activities are created and funded to educate and build an appreciation for Florida’s beaches and oceans while balancing the delicate needs of children and families dealing with the harsh realities of childhood cancer .